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Our Philosphy

Our Philosophy

Haute Ecology is an ethical Lifestyle + Fashion Platform that supports those who support women and those who protect the world they live in. #ProgressNoPerfection

You’re probably thinking: “Ok, but what does that mean?” So, let us break it down for you…

“We support those who support women…”

When we say this, we mean we support those who consider the welfare of women during the production of their products, events, books, initiatives or services. Brands who work hard to avoid contributing to threats of discrimination because of race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, body type, health and other characteristics. We support brands who foster diversity, body positivity, reprimand violence against women and promote inclusion and empowerment.

And just to be clear, when we say women we mean cisgender women, transgender women and anyone else who identifies herself as a woman.

“… And those who protect the world they live in.”

We support brands who consider the environmental impact of their products. Brands that may, among other things:

  • Use organic cotton or other eco-friendly materials or productions methods. Cotton provides much of the world’s fabric. But growing it uses 22.5% of the world’s insecticides and 10% of the world’s pesticides, chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and dangerous to the farmers who grow it.
  • Avoid the use of harsh chemicals. Lots of textiles are treated with chemicals to soften and dye them. Not only can these chemicals be toxic to the environment, they can also be transferred to the skin of the people wearing them.
  • Strive to save clothing from landfills by selling vintage, recycled or upcycled clothing, jewellery and/or accessories. The low costs and disposable nature of high street fashion means that much of it is destined for incinerators or landfill sites. The UK alone throws away 1 million tonnes of clothing every year.
  • Avoid cruelty to animals. In addition to perpetuating the suffering of millions of animals each year, the production of wool, fur, down and leather can contribute to climate change, land devastation, pollution and water contamination.


Here at Haute Ecology, we’re all about progress, rather than perfection, when it comes to the brands we work with and our audience. Yes, there are absolutely brilliant brands who boast transparency in their supply chains, enforce codes of conduct during production and do their damndest to generate the most minimal impact possible on the environment. We think that’s fantastic and we totally have girl crushes on them!

However, there are brands, both high street and high end, that are making great progress in one or more of the areas that are important to us. There are high street brands that launch limited eco-friendly lines and high street brands that create sweatshop-free ranges. There’s even a trainer by a world-famous athletic shoe brand that is made from recycled ocean plastic. We want to encourage them to continue to improve and iterate their practices by showcasing and celebrating their ethical lines and pieces on our platform and proving to them that there is, in fact, a market for ethically produced products that will continue to grow.

Also, we’re not here to make anyone feel bad about their lifestyle choices or to reprimand women for their fashion purchases. We understand there are barriers to accessing ethical fashion and products and barriers to adopting ethical lifestyle practices for many women. We’d never even dream of telling a woman with a limited budget that she’s wrong for clothing herself in a fast fashion high street brand. We’d be complete assholes if we did! In the words of the late, great Prince we’re simply “… here to tell you there’s something else!” We want to offer our audiences alternative lifestyle choices via our content, which is free for all, and curated collections that reflect our ethics and values.

Lastly, Haute Ecology is a work in progress. We’re far from perfect and we’re constantly learning how to navigate this landscape while staying true to our ethics. Expect us to be iterative and constantly evolving with the times.

And even though we operate in a virtual world, we have an open-door policy…

Challenge us. We’re not always right.

Educate us. We don’t know it all.

Work with us. Let’s capture lightning in a bottle!

We want this to be a collaborative platform. We want Haute Ecology to be a conversation rather than a lecture.